Sarıçam Container Camp


Young Refugee students' “DREAM”

Palestinian Refugee Graffiti artist Belal Khaled joined the J4J team to share his “dream” with Syrian refugee children in one of the largest refugee camp in the world, the Adana Sarıçam Container Camp. Belal, along with Mohamed Taha from TRT World’s Digital team, Racha el-Halabi from TRT Arabic and Suheil Damouny from News, mentored 80 kids on artistic video and photography production.

The J4J team spent 4 days in the camp training young refugees on the fundamentals of journalism, particularly mobile journalism, as well as other life skills. At the end of the program, the kids, families, and elders all came together to witness the children write their dreams on the wall of the camp school. The kids created a “dream wall” that will remind them every day about their hopes and dreams for the future.