Our trip to the Hatay Altinozu Container Camp from the 3rd–6th of May 2018 and 25th–27th of April 2019 included mentors from TRT World and TRT Arabic who came to participate in the delivery of the workshops. The students learnt how to produce videos, make news packages and also had the opportunity to interact with the highly qualified mentors.

Children of the Altınözü Refugee Camp

The camp is home to over 10,000 people - almost 65% of them are under 18 years old. The Turkish government has started a number of state-funded initiatives including karate, self-defence classes, music, looming, art, and textile-making. Most of the doctors and teachers are Syrians currently residing in the camp - offering skilled employment for those with accreditation and providing culturally sensitive services for residents.

Hatay 2018

Kicking off with the distribution of TRT World merchandise that included press passes, pens, and notebooks, the #J4J cohort invited guest speaker Ahmed Diab from TRT World in Washington DC. Students participated in ice-breaker activities and began classes in story-telling and mobile journalism. Many shared their own stories and set goals to achieve in the future. Students attended further workshops in field production, journalism, social media and mobile journalism, and storytelling. Classes culminated in a news-package competition. Students were separated into small groups and challenged to utilise their newfound skills to create interview and story packages to be judged by #J4J mentors. After the workshops, students were handed out their own personalised J4J certificates.

Hatay 2019

This time we're off to Altınozu Container Camp in the Hatay again province, for another #J4J program, April 25- 27 in 2019.We delivered workshops in journalism with TRT World and Arabi journalist for Syrian refugees living in Hatay. Students have utilised newfound skills in storytelling, video editing, interviewing, and field producing. They started to work in groups to complete their first ever news packages on their smart devices. They learnt unique and practical skills throughout to journalism training. On the last day, some students performed original spoken word poetry and our mentors became judges for news packages and a talent show!