Security officials say flight operations at Erbil International Airport resumes on Thursday morning as Iraqi PM Mustafa Al Kadhimi orders an investigation into the drone strike.

This February 16, 2021 file photo shows passengers entering the Erbil International Airport, in Erbil, Iraq.
This February 16, 2021 file photo shows passengers entering the Erbil International Airport, in Erbil, Iraq. (AA)

Flights operations have resumed at the Erbil International Airport in northern Iraq after a few hours of disruption following a drone attack late the day before.

"Aviation in Erbil International Airport has resumed on Thursday morning after a halt for few hours after the attack," said Nozad Hasan, a local police officer.

Meanwhile, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al Kadhimi ordered an investigation into the attack, according to a statement by his military spokesman Yehia Rasul.

"Some people are trying to create chaos and destabilise security and stability. This is rejected and will be faced by the force of law and solidarity of the Iraqi people," Rasool said.

On Wednesday, the Interior Ministry of the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) said an explosive-laden drone targeted a central command for the US-led International Coalition inside the airport, causing material damages.

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Threat to Iraq's national interests

KRG President Nechirvan Barzani condemned the attack in a Twitter post.

He said the strike on the airport, as well as a rocket attack on a military compound in northern Iraq's Bashiqa region earlier in the day, would lead to more tension and instability in the country and threaten Iraq's national interests at the highest level.

Barzani also pointed out the importance of international cooperation and coordination to combat the groups behind such attacks.

Condemning the attack on the Bashiqa military base, Aydin Maruf, the KRG's minister responsible for ethnic and religious groups, who is also an executive committee member of the Iraqi Turkmen Front, offered his condolences for a Turkish soldier who was killed in the incident.

Noting that the recent attacks are considered a clear threat to the region, Maruf pointed out that the illegal groups carrying them out targeted Erbil and the security and political stability of the region.

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Source: AA