Ankara-brokered deal is expected to help relieve a global food crisis caused by blocked Black Sea grain exports and sanctions on Moscow.

Türkiye has been widely hailed for its “diligent work” on reaching the grain export deal.
Türkiye has been widely hailed for its “diligent work” on reaching the grain export deal. (AFP)

Türkiye, UN, Russia, Ukraine to soon sign deal to overcome grain issue, Turkish President Erdogan has said.

"We will give good news to the world," Erdogan announced on Friday. 

"With the participation of the UN Secretary-General and the Russian and Ukrainian representatives, signatures will be put towards overcoming the problems related to the grain corridor issue, and we will give good news for the world once the agreement is signed," Erdogan said at a mass opening ceremony in Istanbul.

His remarks came ahead of the signing ceremony of the grain shipment agreement set to be held at the Dolmabahce Palace with the participation of Erdogan, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, and delegations from Russia and Ukraine.

Ankara and the UN have been working on a plan that would enable Ukraine to export millions of grain stockpiles that have been stuck in Ukraine’s Black Sea ports due to the conflict — a move that could ease a global food crisis that has sent wheat and other grain prices soaring.

Last week, the sides met in Istanbul, reaching a tentative agreement on the plan. The plan foresees joint controls of ships as they leave and arrive at Black Sea ports and a mechanism to ensure the safety of the transfer routes, Turkish officials said.

A coordination centre for the shipping of exports would be established in Istanbul and would include UN, Turkish, Russian and Ukrainian officials.

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US hails Türkiye's 'diligent work'

US State Department welcomed the announcement, saying it applauds Türkiye for its "diligent work" on reaching the Ukrainian grain export deal.

Earlier on Thursday, the UN's deputy spokesperson Farhan Haq said that the head of the body would leave New York for Istanbul, one week after a meeting tackled Ukraine's grain export.

Antonio Guterres "will travel to Istanbul, Türkiye this evening, as part of his efforts to ensure full global access to Ukraine's food products, and Russian food and fertilizer," Haq said at a news conference.

Tons of Ukrainian grain are stuck because of the Russian offensive in Ukraine that is in its fifth month, causing global shortages. 

Russia, which is accused of using food as a weapon, said Western sanctions are to blame for the food shortages.

Haq said the UN wants to have an agreement that would allow Ukrainian and Russian food and fertilizer to reach global markets.

"People are still dying. It is still raging. But the hopeful news from Istanbul shows the importance of dialogue," he added.

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Source: TRTWorld and agencies