Muhammad Ali Hussein Awad, a 36-year-old father of Beit Ijza town, was "deliberately shot with the aim of killing him after his vehicle collided with a police vehicle in a traffic accident," says Palestine's Foreign Ministry.

Israeli forces killed a
Israeli forces killed a "defenceless Palestinian" who was not "posing any danger," says Palestine. (AFP)

Israeli troops have shot dead a Palestinian driver in the occupied West Bank after what Palestinian officials say was a traffic accident.

Palestine's Foreign Ministry on Saturday identified the victim as Muhammad Ali Hussein Awad, from the West Bank town of Beit Ijza, near occupied Jerusalem.

"The Israeli police deliberately shot Awad, with the aim of killing him, after his vehicle collided with a police vehicle in a traffic accident," the ministry said.

It accused Israeli forces of killing a "defenceless Palestinian" who was not "posing any danger".

The driver's family confirmed he was dead and said they believed the 36-year-old father and teacher had likely lost control of his car.

The Israeli military claimed soldiers and police opened fire on a vehicle after the driver "attempted to run them over" during a patrol outside Nablus, in the northern West Bank.

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Frequent use of lethal force

Israeli forces have faced criticism over their frequent use of lethal force in response to perceived threats.

At least 90 Palestinians have been killed in the occupied West Bank since the Israeli military launched its Operation Breakwater on March 31 in response to a string of fatal street attacks in Israel. The toll includes resistance fighters and civilians.

Peace talks between Palestine and Israel collapsed in 2014, while Israel has expanded illegal settlements in several Palestinian areas.

Israel occupied and annexed the West Bank during the Six Day War of 1967 in a move that was not recognised by most of the international community.

"Our confidence in achieving a peace based on justice and international law is waning," Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas told UN General Assembly on Friday.

"Do you want to kill what remains of hope in our souls?"

"Do you know who is protecting Israel from being held accountable? The United Nations," he said in a speech more than three times the 15-minute limit leaders are asked to respect.

With Israel's military occupation of the Palestinian lands in its 55th year and no substantial peace talks in 13 years, it was a stark if perhaps unsurprisingly pessimistic assessment.

Israel's prime minister backed a two-state solution to the conflict in his own speech a day earlier — but there is almost no prospect for one in the near term.

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