Polls in some US battleground states close, inching the contest between President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden to its nail-biting conclusion. We bring you the latest updates on one of the most-watched presidential races.

President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden have spent the last few days making their case to voters in critical battleground states, hoping to land those key electoral votes.
President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden have spent the last few days making their case to voters in critical battleground states, hoping to land those key electoral votes. (TRTWorld)

As the US electorate faces Election Day, President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden have already started cementing their election night results strategy in a vote promising a historic turnout and riveting TV.

Here's a summary of important updates:

  • AP is projecting 213 electoral votes for Trump and 220 for Biden
  • More than 101 million Americans had already cast early ballots in the 2020 presidential election by Tuesday afternoon, according to this tally 
  • Federal judge orders an immediate sweep of 12 postal districts in search for undelivered ballots
  • Both sides say they're ready with thousands of lawyers on standby to march into court to make sure ballots get counted, or excluded. 
  • Countrywide coronavirus cases hit 9,692,528 and counting. 

LIVE updates for November 3, 2020

*All updates are in GMT


Donald Trump speaks to voters 

President Donald Trump is addressing voters from the White House.

"We were getting ready for a big celebration," he says. "We were winning everything."


Trump wins 4 of 5 Nebraska votes; Biden gets 1

President Donald Trump has won four of Nebraska's five electoral votes, while Democrat Joe Biden has won one electoral vote from the state.

The 1st Congressional District was called for Trump early Wednesday. He also won the 3rd Congressional District earlier, as well as the statewide vote. Trump gets one electoral vote for each congressional district, plus two electoral votes for winning the statewide vote.


Biden wins Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District

Democrat Joe Biden has won Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District, which includes Omaha. That flips a district that Donald Trump won in 2016.

Nebraska, one of two states that divides its electoral votes, has five total electoral votes up for grabs. On Tuesday, Trump won the statewide vote, which is good for two electoral votes. He also won the 3rd Congressional District, which nets him a third vote.

Biden earns one electoral vote for winning Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District. Nebraska’s 1st Congressional District hasn’t yet been called.


Twitter flags Trump's election-related post

Twitter is hiding an election-related post by President Donald Trump, warning that its content is disputed and could be misleading.

Trump stated without evidence that Democrats were trying to “steal” the election. He also falsely said votes cannot be cast after polls are closed.

States allow voters to cast ballots if they are in line when polls close. Some states also allow mail-in ballots postmarked by Election Day but received later to be counted.

Twitter says placing a warning on the tweet is in line with its “Civic Integrity Policy.” The tweet is still visible after clicking through the warning.


Trump wins Texas

President Donald Trump has won Texas and its 38 electoral votes despite a furious, late push by Democrats to turn America’s biggest red state blue.

An avalanche of early votes fed Democrats’ high hopes of ending decades of losses in Texas, where polls showed Joe Biden running unusually close. But Trump carried Texas for a second straight year.


Biden wins at least one electoral vote from Maine

Democrat Joe Biden has won at least one of Maine's four electoral votes in his bid to unseat President Donald Trump.

Biden won Maine's 1st Congressional District, good for one electoral vote. The statewide vote, which is worth two electoral votes, and the 2nd Congressional District, which is worth one electoral vote, still have not been called.

Maine split its electoral votes four years ago, awarding three to Democrat Hillary Clinton and one to Trump, who won the more rural and conservative of Maine’s congressional districts.


Trump to make statement on Wednesday

President Donald Trump says he’s planning to make a statement early Wednesday morning as the race remains too close to call.

Neither Trump nor Democrat Joe Biden has reached the 270 Electoral College vote threshold.

Trump is insisting by tweet that “Votes cannot be cast after the Poles [sic] are closed!” even though, in multiple states, ballots can be counted if they arrive after after Election Day.


“Keep the faith”, Biden tells supporters

Joe Biden is asking his supporters to “keep the faith” and urging them to “be patient” as the counting goes on in the drawn-out US presidential election.

He told a gathering of supporters that his hopes for victory remain high despite the uncertainty and cautioned them that it could take a day or longer to know who won.

He told them: “Your patience is commendable.”


Trump wins Florida

President Donald Trump has won Florida and its 29 electoral votes, the biggest prize among the perennial battlegrounds and a state crucial to his reelection hopes.

A victory in Florida means reelection is within Trump’s grasp. A loss in the state would have made it nearly impossible for Trump to reach the 270 electoral votes needed to retain the White House.


Biden to speak on election results 

Democrat Joe Biden will speak shortly on the election results, as many of his key states remain too close to call.

The Biden campaign gathered the press pool that covers him in Wilmington, Delaware, for an early Wednesday morning statement but offered no further guidance.

Biden has spent the night watching the returns come in from his home, while reporters waited near the Chase Center in downtown Wilmington for potential remarks.


Trump wins Iowa and Montana

President Donald Trump has won Iowa and Montana.

The Republican nominee was awarded six electoral votes from Iowa and three electoral votes from Montana.

Trump won Iowa by more than 9 percentage points four years ago against Democrat Hillary Clinton, but his support eroded significantly over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and the overall direction of the country.

Trump rallied in Iowa in the final stretch of the campaign, going so far as to announce he would be awarding the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Iowa wrestling legend Dan Gable. In an appeal to the state’s farmers, he told them he was responsible for $28 billion in aid designed to help offset damage stemming from his trade war with China.


Trump wins Ohio 

President Donald Trump has won Ohio and its 18 electoral votes, holding on to a battleground state where the race against Democrat Joe Biden had tightened in recent months.

The Republican nominee comfortably carried the Midwestern state four years ago, but polls heading into the final weeks showed Biden well within range, forcing the president to spend more time in the state than anyone expected.


Biden takes Minnesota

Democrat Joe Biden has carried Minnesota, turning back a strong push by President Donald Trump and holding on to a state narrowly won by Democrat Hillary Clinton four years ago.

Biden was awarded the state’s 10 electoral votes.

Biden made up for his campaign getting a late start in Minnesota compared with Trump, who held several campaign rallies in the state this election cycle. The former vice president took advantage of anti-Trump sentiment and organising efforts by the state’s Democrats, who stressed Covid-19 and health care issues.


Biden gets Hawaii

Democrat Joe Biden has won the state of Hawaii.

He was awarded its four electoral votes.

Hawaii is a reliably Democratic state and last went for a Republican presidential candidate in 1984, when it was won by Ronald Reagan.


People really in BLM protest

Several hundred people have gathered in Black Lives Matter Plaza, just one block from the White House, holding signs and chanting about democracy.

It was a generally festive atmosphere on Tuesday night as election results came in, with a few scuffles along the edges.

There were fears of widespread unrest connected to the election, and authorities around the country were on alert in their communities.


Trump takes Utah state

President Donald Trump has won the state of Utah.

The Republican nominee on was awarded its six electoral votes.

Utah hasn’t supported a Democratic presidential candidate since Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964.

Trump won Utah in 2016, but independent candidate Evan McMullin had a strong showing in the state owing to widespread distaste of both Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton. McMullin captured more than 20 percent of the vote.


Biden wins California, Oregon, Washington as Trump wins Idaho

Democrat Joe Biden has won California, Oregon and Washington state, while President Donald Trump has won Idaho.

California, Oregon and Washington are all liberal states, while Idaho is conservative.

California has 55 electoral votes, the biggest haul of any state. It’s also the home of Biden’s running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris. She served as the San Francisco district attorney and the state’s attorney general before winning election to the Senate in 2016.

Biden nets 74 electoral votes for the three Western states, while Trump takes four electoral votes from Idaho.


Biden wins New Hampshire, holding it for Dems

Democrat Joe Biden has won New Hampshire and its four electoral votes, holding on to a state that President Donald Trump only narrowly lost in 2016.

The state was considered a 2020 battleground despite not going for a Republican presidential candidate since George W. Bush in 2000.


Donald Trump wins Missouri

President Donald Trump has won the state of Missouri.

The Republican nominee was awarded its 10 electoral votes.

In 2016, Trump beat Democrat Hillary Clinton in the state by 18 percentage points.


Trump wins Kansas

President Donald Trump has won the state of Kansas.

He was awarded its six electoral votes.

In 2016, Trump coasted to victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton by 20 percentage points in the state.


Biden wins state of Colorado and Washington, DC

He was awarded twelve electoral votes.

Colorado, which went for Democrat Hillary Clinton four years ago, has trended sharply to the left since President Donald Trump’s 2016 election.


Trump wins five more states, Biden adds two

President Trump has won Louisiana, Nebraska, Nebraska’s 3rd Congressional District, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming, while Democrat Biden has won New Mexico and New York.

Nebraska, one of two states that divides its electoral votes, has five total electoral votes up for grabs. 

Trump won the statewide vote, which is good for two electoral votes. He also won the 3rd Congressional District, which nets him a third vote.

Nebraska’s 1st and 2nd congressional districts haven’t yet been called.

Trump nets 20 electoral votes from his wins in Louisiana, Nebraska, Nebraska’s 3rd, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming, while Biden takes 34 electoral votes for winning New Mexico and New York.


Trump wins Indiana

President Trump has won the state of Indiana. He was awarded its 11 electoral votes.

Indiana is the home state of Trump's running mate, Vice President Mike Pence.


Trump wins state of Arkansas 

President Trump has won the state of Arkansas.

The Republican nominee was awarded its six electoral votes.

Arkansas is a reliably Republican state that hasn’t gone for a Democratic presidential candidate since Bill Clinton in 1996.


Nevada judge: Some voting sites can remain open

A judge in Nevada has ordered 30 Las Vegas-area voting sites to remain open for an extra hour after President Trump's campaign and Nevada Republicans cited reports that some locations did not open on time.

Clark County District Court Judge Joe Hardy Jr. in Las Vegas heard immediate arguments in an Election Day lawsuit filed to extend voting times to 8 pm [local time] for 22 specified sites, which had been scheduled to close at 7 pm [local time].


Trump, Biden win more states

President Trump has won Alabama, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Tennessee, South Carolina while Democrat Biden has won Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Rhode Island.

The results were not a surprise. Biden is very strong in the states that went for him, just as Trump is strong in the states he won.


Biden wins Virginia 

Democrat Biden has won the state of Virginia.

He was awarded its 13 electoral votes on Tuesday.

Democrat Hillary Clinton won Virginia over Republican Trump in 2016, helped in part by her choice of running mate: Virginia Senator Tim Kaine.


Trump wins West Virginia

President Trump has coasted to victory in West Virginia, taking its five electoral votes.

The last Democrat to win a presidential race in West Virginia was Bill Clinton in 1996.

Trump defeated Democrat Clinton in West Virginia four years ago by 42 percentage points, one of his highest margins of victory in the nation. 

Many in the state credit him for his conservative populism and promises to help the declining coal industry, even as few expected he could bring back jobs in a dying field.


Trump campaign, Nevada Republicans ask voting extension for LV

The Trump campaign and Nevada Republicans are asking a state court judge to extend voting by one hour at 22 Las Vegas-area locations, citing reports that those sites did not open on time on Tuesday morning.

An Election Day lawsuit filed in Clark County District Court was getting an immediate hearing before Judge Joe Hardy.

Polls are scheduled to close at 7 pm Pacific Time, but election officials keep sites open until the last person in line at that time can vote.


Trump wins Kentucky, Biden carries Vermont

President Trump has won Kentucky, and Democrat Biden has carried Vermont.

They are the first two states called in the 2020 presidential election.

Kentucky is reliably conservative, while Vermont is considered one of the most liberal states.

Trump wins eight electoral votes from Kentucky, while Biden takes three for winning Vermont.


Trump calls into radio shows before polls close

President Trump has called into talk radio shows in the battleground states of Pennsylvania and Wisconsin just hours before polls closed.

Trump projected confidence that he will win key states like North Carolina and Florida and said he’s expecting a "great" evening.

He was set to call into conservative host Mark Levin’s show minutes after the first two interviews, but Levin abruptly said Trump would not be appearing. Levin said he was told the president couldn’t come on the show but gave no further details.

Trump told Wisconsin host Vicki McKenna that he is expecting a strong night based on lines of people waiting to vote. 


Armed man loitering at a polling site arrested

In North Carolina, an armed man loitering at a polling site on Election Day has been arrested and charged with trespassing.

Thirty-six-year-old Justin Dunn was legally carrying a firearm but loitered at the Charlotte site after voting on Tuesday morning, which prompted a precinct official to call police over fears of voter intimidation. A precinct official accompanied by a police officer asked him to leave the site and banned him from the location.

Police said Dunn left the precinct but returned about two hours later. He was taken into custody and charged with second-degree trespassing.


Votes in SC county can't be counted immediately

More than 13,000 votes in one South Carolina county will have to wait a while to be counted because of a printing error.

Dorchester County Election Commissioner Todd Billman has said at a news conference that the mail-in ballots did not have the proper bars printed at the top so the scanner used to count the votes won’t register them. He says the error does not affect anyone's vote.

The votes will have to be counted by hand and will not be counted on Tuesday. Billman says Dorchester County’s full results will be finished by the Friday deadline to certify returns.


Vermont's Republican governor votes for Biden

Vermont Gov Phil Scott has said he voted for Biden for president, making him the first Republican governor in the nation to acknowledge voting for the Democratic presidential candidate.

The Republican governor told reporters after casting his ballot in his hometown of Berlin, Vermont, that he had never voted for a Democrat in his life.

"As many of you know, I didn't support President Trump. I wasn’t going to vote for him," Scott said. "But then I came to the conclusion that it wasn't enough for me to just not vote. I had to vote against."

He said he "put country over party, which again wasn’t an easy thing to do in some respects."


Biden won't comment on possible election outcome 

Democratic presidential nominee Biden isn't making any predictions about the outcome of the election as the final hours of voting tick down.

Speaking to reporters outside a Delaware community centre, Biden said he's "superstitious" about offering predictions for election night but remains "hopeful." 

He said he's heard from aides that there's "overwhelming turnout" among young people, women and older Black adults in places like Georgia and Florida.

He said, "The things that are happening bode well for the base that has been supporting me – but we’ll see." Still, he admitted, "It’s just so uncertain” because of how many states are in play.

Biden also wouldn’t commit to commenting on any results on election night, even if President Trump weighs in on the vote. 

"If there’s something to talk about tonight, I’ll talk about it," Biden said. "If not, I’ll wait till the votes are counted the next day."


'No apparent signs' of US malicious cyber activity

The cybersecurity agency at the Department of Homeland Security has said the US election so far has featured the usual technical glitches and routine issues but no apparent signs of any malicious cyber activity – at least not yet.

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency also said it’s too early to declare victory as polls near closing time around the nation on Tuesday and with days of vote counting and certification ahead.

A senior agency official said: "It has been quiet and we take some confidence in that but we are not out of the woods yet."


Vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris heads to Delaware

Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris is heading to Wilmington, Delaware, after spending the afternoon campaigning in battleground Michigan.

She reminded voters at a Detroit church how slim Donald Trump’s margin of victory was in the state in 2016. She urged them to try to get two other people to vote as well.

She also urged people to remember why they are voting if they are stuck in long lines.

She will join Biden in Delaware, his home state, on Tuesday night.


Ballot scanner jams in Iowa

A spokesperson for the Iowa secretary of state has said that hand sanitiser on voters' hands caused a ballot scanner to jam at a polling place in Des Moines.

Spokesperson Kevin Hall said some voters' hands were moist when they handled the ballots and the buildup of sanitiser eventually caused the scanner to stop working.

The machine was fixed in about an hour.

To prevent another breakdown, poll workers moved the sanitising station farther back in the line so voters' hands would be dry when they first touched the ballots.


NY attorney general investigates malicious robocalls

New York Attorney General Letitia James has said her office is investigating allegations that numerous people were receiving robocalls telling voters not to vote on Election Day.

Her office earlier this week issued subpoenas to investigate the source of the robocalls allegedly spreading disinformation. 

"Attempts to hinder voters from exercising their right to cast their ballots are disheartening, disturbing, and wrong. What’s more is that it is illegal, and it will not be tolerated," James said in a statement.

Malicious robocalls were sent to US voters with mixed messages of "stay home" or that they can vote on Wednesday in battleground Michigan, as well as Iowa and Nebraska, US media reported.


Pennsylvania Republican sues over balloting near Philadelphia

A Republican congressional candidate in Pennsylvania has sued election officials in a suburban Philadelphia county, accusing them of illegally counting mail-in ballots early and giving voters who submitted defective ballots a chance to re-vote.

The lawsuit against Montgomery County officials was filed by Kathy Barnette, who is seeking a House seat in Pennsylvania's 4th Congressional district, and Clay Breece, chairman of the Republican Committee in neighbouring Berks County.

They are seeking to block county officials from letting voters change defective ballots and to have mail-in ballots that are defective or have been changed be deemed "spoiled," meaning they would not be counted.


Four polling stations in North Carolina get extension in polling time

Swing state North Carolina's State Board of Elections has granted an extension on voting time for four North Carolina polling locations, including one in Cabarrus County, after a delay in opening the polls.

Poll workers at the Cabarrus County site, at First Missionary Baptist Church, couldn’t get their printers operating and failed to use available backup procedures, county elections director Carol Soles told The Observer. The site opened at 11:50 GMT (06:50 am local time), 20 minutes late.

A polling site in Guilford County and two in Sampson County also opened 15 to 30 minutes late and had requested extensions.


Kamala Harris continues campaign in Detroit

Senator Kamala Harris, running mate for Democrat presidential hopeful Joe Biden, visited Detroit, a heavily Black city in battleground Michigan. 

Urging voters to head out and cast their ballots, Harris said, "We are in a pandemic that has infected 9 million people and we have in our hands an opportunity to elect a president in Joe Biden, who understands what it means to go through being in a hospital, losing someone you love."


Trump visits campaign headquarters in Arlington

President Donald Trump says he "feels good" after a nonstop campaign tour and is feeling positive about the Election Day results.

He said he isn't thinking about an acceptance or concession speech because "winning is easy, but losing is never easy, not for me."

Trump's comments came during an Election Day outing to visit the Republican National Committee Office in nearby Arlington, Virginia to thank campaign staffers.

This comes after Trump spent the final day sprinting through five rallies, from North Carolina to Wisconsin.


US judge orders sweep for outstanding ballots at some postal facilities

A judge has ordered the US Postal Service to conduct a sweep of some processing facilities this afternoon to ensure no ballots have been held up and any discovered would be immediately sent out for delivery.

US District Judge Emmet Sullivan ordered Postal Service inspectors or designees to conduct sweeps in Central Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Detroit, Colorado/Wyoming, Atlanta, Houston, Alabama, Northern New England, Greater South Carolina, South Florida, Lakeland, and Arizona. 

Many states require receipt of all mailed ballots by the end of Tuesday.


FBI investigating robocalls

A US Homeland Security official says FBI is investigating robocalls across the country attempting to suppress votes. The election has been proceeding normally and there is no evidence of hacking, the official said.


Melania votes in Florida

First lady Melania Trump has voted in Palm Beach, Florida. She is registered to vote at her address at the Mar-a-Lago Club, which makes her voting precinct at the Morton and Mandel Recreation Center.

President Trump voted in person last week at an early voting site in West Palm Beach.

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Feds monitoring vote say no major problems 

Federal authorities are monitoring voting and any threats to the election across the country at an operations centre just outside Washington, DC, run by the cybersecurity component of the Department of Homeland Security. 

US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency director Christopher Krebs said from the centre he has "confidence that the vote is secure, the count is secure and the results will be secure.”

Krebs says officials have seen attempts by foreign actors "to interfere in the 2020 election.” But he says officials “have addressed those threats quickly" and "comprehensively.”

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Voters in Houston cast their ballots with many eyes on battleground state of Texas.

Polls began opening on Tuesday across the US as election officials warned that millions of absentee ballots could slow the tallies, perhaps for days, in some key battleground states and as President Donald Trump threatened legal action to prevent ballots from being counted after Election Day.

Given that a few states, including Texas, had already exceeded their total 2016 vote count, experts were predicting a record turnout this year.

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Trump starts Election Day with Fox News

President Donald Trump says he believes his large rally crowds during his fast-paced weeks of campaigning are the “ultimate poll” and translate into a lot of votes for his reelection.

Trump told Fox News Channel's “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday he will spend Election Day making phone calls to people who have been loyal to him and will go to his campaign headquarters in suburban Virginia to thank the staff.

Trump said he would declare himself the winner of the election, “only when there’s victory.” There has been concern that Trump will declare victory early – before vote counts are definitive. But the Republican president told Fox there’s no reason to “play games.” He says he thinks he has a “very solid chance at winning.”


Biden begins Election Day visiting son's grave

Joe Biden has started Election Day with a visit to church – and the grave of his late son, Beau.

Biden and his wife, Jill, made an early morning stop at St Joseph’s at Brandywine in Wilmington, Delaware, the church he typically visits on Sunday when home. Biden had granddaughters Finnegan and Natalie in tow on Tuesday.

After a brief church visit, the four walked to Beau Biden’s grave in the church cemetery.

Beau died of brain cancer in 2015, and Biden often speaks on the campaign trail of his courage while deployed to Iraq as a major in the Delaware Army National Guard.

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Homeland Security chief says no evidence 'foreign actor' compromised votes

The acting US Department of Homeland Security secretary, Chad Wolf, said on Tuesday there was no evidence a "foreign actor" had compromised US votes in the 2020 presidential election.

The message came as Americans begin the final day of voting in an electoral campaign dogged by worries over foreign interference.

"We have no indications that a foreign actor has succeeded in compromising or manipulating any votes in this election," Wolf told a press conference that was streamed online.


Vermont residents line up on to vote for their pick between US presidential candidates Trump and Biden.

Vermont voted red in all but one election up until 1988, breaking this tradition in 1992, when it turned blue


Michigan, Florida head to vote

Voters in Michigan and Florida cast ballots in the presidential election on Tuesday as Americans decide between Trump and Biden.

Those who have yet to vote headed to the polls despite another spike in coronavirus cases in much of the country.

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Polls open in New York, New Jersey, Virginia

Polls have opened in the eastern states of New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Connecticut and Maine in a vote that is widely seen as a referendum on Trump's  presidency, which Biden has urged Americans to end.


Polls open in Vermont

Vermont residents lined up to vote in a state that leans heavily towards Biden. 

Vermont voted Republican ever since the start of the partyin all but one election up until 1988. It broke with this tradition in 1992, when it turned blue for Bill Clinton and has voted Democrat ever since.

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Two New Hampshire towns cast votes after midnight, 60-year tradition

Two tiny New Hampshire communities that vote for president just after the stroke of midnight on Election Day have cast their ballots, with one of them marking 60 years since the tradition began.

The results in Dixville Notch, near the Canadian border, were a sweep for former Vice President Joe Biden who won the town's five votes. In Millsfield, 20 km to the south, President Donald Trump won 16 votes to Biden's five.

Normally, there would be a big food spread and a lot of media crammed into a small space to watch the voting but due to coronavirus concerns this year's celebration was not possible, Tom Tillotson, town moderator in Dixville Notch, said last week.

Electoral laws in New Hampshire allow municipalities with fewer than 100 residents to open their polling stations at midnight and to close them when all registered voters have fulfilled their civic duty.

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Trump predicts 'another beautiful victory' 

US President Donald Trump has predicted a "beautiful victory" in his final reelection campaign stop hours before polls open across the United States.

"We're going to have another beautiful victory tomorrow," he told a crowd on Monday in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the same place where he held the climactic rally of his 2016 campaign, when he upset the polls to beat Hillary Clinton.

"We're going to make history once again," he said.

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Biden urges voters to 'take back' democracy

Democratic White House hopeful Joe Biden has concluded his last major rally on the eve of the US election by calling on voters to "take back" American democracy from President Donald Trump.

"It's time to stand up and take back our democracy. We can do this," the 77-year-old former vice president said on Monday as he wrapped up a boisterous drive-in rally in Pittsburgh in the critical swing state of Pennsylvania.

"I have a feeling we're coming together for a big win tomorrow," he said to cheers and honks, adding that if elected president he would act to "get Covid under control on day one."

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