Many of those receiving aid are from families whose primary breadwinners have lost their livelihoods since the Taliban takeover in late August.

About 3,000 families severely hit by the country's growing humanitarian crisis.
About 3,000 families severely hit by the country's growing humanitarian crisis. (AA)

The UN World Food Programme has distributed cash in the Afghan capital to about 3,000 families severely hit by the country's growing humanitarian crisis since the Taliban seized power.

The UN agency said on Monday it distributed $74 to each family.

"I never imagined that one day I would be sitting here in a queue seeking help," said Bassana, aged 20, who lives with her family of 10.

"We will first buy food to avoid starving to death," she added.

Global aid agencies have warned that more than half of Afghanistan's 38 million population are expected to face hunger this winter, as the country grapples with a deteriorating economy following Taliban's return to power.

Azimullah Fazlyar, who was helping to distribute the money, said about 50,000 to 60,000 families were in need of support in Kabul and the programme had identified the 3,000 worst affected.

"They can use the money in the winter to buy wood or whatever else they need," he said.

Many of those receiving aid were from families whose only breadwinner had lost their job since the Taliban takeover.

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Inflation, unemployment rise

Inflation and unemployment have surged in Afghanistan, and international aid that made up 75 percent of the previous US-backed government's budget has completely dried up.

Student and English teacher Saniulla Hamidi was among those queuing for help.

He said he and his father, a government employee, had both been left out of work, meaning he is unable to continue his studies.

"I just wish I could pay (my fees) and return to my university," Hamidi said.

The United States and the Taliban are due to hold talks this week in Qatar on humanitarian aid to Afghanistan and other issues.

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Source: TRTWorld and agencies