Snowstorms in Istanbul and other major cities spark joy for those still in touch with their inner child. Here are some snow people from Turkish Twitter.

Istanbul and many major cities in Turkey have been blanketed with snow. The cold snap has brought with it snowstorms, hail and thunder. Yet many people who have been experiencing cabin fever because of coronavirus lockdowns have used the opportunity to build snow people (and creatures, in some instances). 

Here are a few select examples they shared on Twitter.

User @ikonumsu says “I was in a snowfight to my heart’s content after many years and enjoyed the snow; it felt good. We also made a humble snowman.”

User @maviyeliz calls her version “a light snowman”.

Painter Baris Yildiz makes a rocket out of snow instead of a human, and mentions Tesla’s Elon Musk as well as Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

User @Ipeku_ posts “The Positive Photo of the Day” of a snowman built behind a pickup truck.

User @mustalibela (“trouble with a jackknife”) makes a reference to the pandemic, posting a photo of a “model snowman” wearing a face mask.

Baklava maker Yasar Usta uses their snowman for marketing purposes, writing “from the Yasar Usta Family, especially for Valentine’s Day”.

Ilkadim Sakarya Primary School posts one of its students hugging a snowman, writing “Snowman joy”.

Marmara Anadolu İmam Hatip High School has made a snow whirling dervish, noting “we are awaiting our students like this for the second term. No matter who you are, come to Marmara. A snow whirling dervish with the snow descending from the heavenly skies.”

User Emrullah Karakoc has made a joke at the expense of the losing Ankaragucu football team, pointing out that “even Ankaragucu snowmen are unhappy.”

Twitter user @beyazkaranfil ("white carnation") writes “Let’s make snowmen and put carrots on their noses.”

User Zeynep Rana Murat says “everywhere is Trabzon to us” and posts pictures of a snowman she has made.

User Nezihi Nizam posts the photo of a snow seal or a snowmerperson he has come across, calling it, appropriately, “a snow something”.

Twitter user @Selena34888 has “built a snowman like [her] lockdown style, lying down”.

User @fridakolik asks “Who is enjoying the snow?”, posting the photo of a snowman being ‘devoured’ by smaller snowpeople.

Thumbnail photo: Twitter user Anil Avci (@anillavci) has decorated his snowman with dentures and a carrot.

Header image: Twitter user Gizem’s (@sijevis4) first ever snowman.

Source: TRT World