Militants believed to be from the Allied Democratic Forces killed at least 20 residents and burned down houses in the village of Otomabere, in Irumu territory, Ituri province.

The renewed violence has so far displaced about 75,000 people, according to the UN.
The renewed violence has so far displaced about 75,000 people, according to the UN. (Reuters Archive)

At least 20 people, including eight women and children, have been killed in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo) in a fresh attack blamed on Uganda's Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebels.

The attack was in Otmabert village in the eastern DR Congo, Convention for the Respect of Human Rights (CRDH) said on Monday.

The armed attackers killed residents and torched about 30 houses in Otmabert village, in the southern part of Irumu territory, on Sunday, said the human rights group.

Last year, Uganda sent 1,700 troops to neighbouring DR Congo to help fight the ADF.

The latest attack came days after the two countries extended their joint operation.

The ADF has been blamed for killing more than 1,300 people between January 2021 and January 2022, according to the United Nations.

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Renewed M23 rebels' attacks

Fighting between the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (FARDC) and M23 rebels in North Kivu province resumed early on Monday after a week of calm, army spokesperson Lieutenant colonel Njike Kaiko said.

The army responded to the attacks and continued to hold positions in Muhati, but fighting continued in Runyonyi and Chanzu regions to dislodge the rebels from there, he added.

DR Congo has accused neighbouring Rwanda of backing the M23 rebels in renewed fighting in North Kivu province. Rwanda, however, has disputed the charge, accusing Congolese forces of allying with its rebels.

The latest fighting resumed just hours after DR Congo President Felix Tshisekedi declared on Sunday that he has "no doubt" about Rwanda's support for the conflict in his country.

Tshisekedi, speaking at a joint press conference with President Denis Sassou Nguesso of the Republic of the Congo in Oyo town, said the M23 was "totally defeated" in 2013 and their military weaponry confiscated.

"If today they have resumed fighting, it means that they have regrouped from somewhere, were armed from somewhere. Today it is clear, there is no doubt, Rwanda supported the M23 to come and attack the DRC," he said.

President Nguesso said he is "confident" about resolving the conflict through dialogue. Both Rwanda and DR Congo have also said they are open to dialogue.

The renewed violence has so far displaced about 75,000 people, according to the UN.

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