Delhi police registered the case and launched an investigation following a complaint filed by a journalist, whose name appeared on the app.

The case appears to be similar to the
The case appears to be similar to the "Sulli Deals" app which sparked outrage six months ago. (Getty Images)

Indian authorities have launched an investigation into an app in which hundreds of Muslim women were listed for “auction” using photos taken from their social media accounts without their permission.

The Delhi police registered a case after getting a complaint from journalist Ismat Ara, whose name is listed on the Bulli Bai app.

Journalist and human rights lawyer Mariya Salim also found out on Sunday that her name was listed on the Bulli Bai app.

Hundreds of images of Muslim women were uploaded to the app on the open software development site GitHub, and users were asked to take part in an "auction."

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Ongoing targeting 

The app appeared to be similar to another one called "Sulli Deals" which sparked outrage about six months ago by offering users "Sulli", a derogatory name used by right-wing social media trolls for Muslim women, as so-called "deals of the day."

The account has been blocked by GitHub and the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) and police authorities are coordinating further action, said Information and Technology Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw on Twitter.

Parliamentarian Priyanka Chaturvedi has also raised the issue with the Mumbai police.

Many social media users voiced support for the women, arguing that the purpose of targeting Muslim women is to cause physical and mental agony. Many claimed the people behind the apps are from right-wing groups.

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Source: AA