A new government tourism video has teamed up with New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and comedian Rhys Darby to address the issue of the country disappearing from world maps.

"Rhys I've gotta go" (Tourism New Zealand)

It's been a glaringly obvious omission to New Zealanders for years and now the rest of the world is taking notice.

A new tourism campaign produced by Tourism New Zealand is aiming to crack the mystery of whether the country, which is home to around 4.8 million people, is deliberately being left off some world maps.

The video enlists the help of Flight of the Conchords' comedian Rhys Darby and even the country's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

For those wondering, New Zealand is located in the southwest Pacific ocean between Australia and Antarctica.

For a country that's bigger than the United Kingdom, it's maybe strange to see high-profile global businesses – including IKEA and Starbucks – wipe New Zealand from their maps.

"New Zealand is been left off world maps. This is a major conspiracy." (Tourism New Zealand)

And if the campaign can't get New Zealand reinstated on world maps, it aims to at least help tourists find where it's hiding.

A Reddit thread dedicated to recording such incidents has over 40,000 subscribers.

And for Kiwis it's a big deal. While a number of conspiracy theories are thrown about in the video, it reveals there could be a simple explanation.

The video has gone viral and so has its hashtag #getNZonthemap.

Source: Reuters