In a series of tweets, Jami Moor shared he was raped by a powerful man he worked for and was then close to. Jami is one of the few men in Pakistan's entertainment industry who have been active in their support of the #MeToo movement there.

Several of Jami's projects have won local and international accolades. (Photo courtesy:
Several of Jami's projects have won local and international accolades. (Photo courtesy: (

Jami Moor, an award-winning Pakistani filmmaker and video director,  shared on Twitter his own experience on being a victim of sexual abuse 13 years ago.

He began his thread of tweets on Sunday night apparently in response to the backlash faced by the #MeToo movement after a college teacher killed himself in Pakistani's city of Lahore, leaving behind a note blaming his decision on what he called false allegation against him.

Jami, 47, has been vocal in supporting the #MeToo movement in Pakistan, slamming its critics for efforts to discredit the global effort to hold sexual harassers to justice.

He went on to describe his ordeal of being "brutally raped by a very powerful person" in the Pakistani media industry, 13 years ago. 

Jami did not name his abuser in his tweets but described him someone he was close to, a giant in the media world who was known for his interest in "high-end" books and museums.

He said that no one, including his friends, took him seriously when he shared his ordeal. No one, he said, did anything to help him out. 

Jami said he sought therapy after the rape but found little support around him.

Shortly after Moor's story was published on almost all news outlets in the country, major new organisation took down the story. Other outlets were also reported to have removed the content.

Jami attributed the takedown to the power of the abuser. later republished the story.

The article had been apparently edited, with "tycoon" changed to "powerful media person".

Jami used his #MeToo moment to express his support for victims.

"I'm pissed that they are attacking the movement and victims, so I'm coming here today after 13 or so years to say 99.99 percent survivors are telling the truth always. No doubt ever!"

Pakistan's #MeToo movement took off when famous actress and singer Meesha Shafi accused her fellow colleague Ali Zafar of sexual harassment on multiple occasions. 

Jami had come out publicly in his support to Shafi.

A court case over Shafi's harassment allegations and Zafar's counter claims of defamation is still under way.

Source: TRT World