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Poor Robot
Poor Robot (TRT World and Agencies)

1. The internet is moving to Canada

Moving to Canada.
Moving to Canada. (TRT World and Agencies)

Apparently, it's not only ordinary US citizens who want to emigrate to Canada in the wake of Donald Trump's victory. The Internet Archive – a not-for-profit digital library with the mission of "universal access to all knowledge" – announced its plans to move its servers from San Francisco to somewhere in Canada due to its concerns over the incoming president. The main issue, it says, is that it might be forced to delete parts of its archive under orders from the White House.

2. Building a self-driving car just became a little bit easier

A self-driving car.
A self-driving car. (TRT World and Agencies)

Your dream of turning your car into a self-driving one has just become a possibility. Comma.ai, a small company based in California, just released the entire code for its self-driving car to the public... and it's available for free. After receiving a warning from the US Department of Transportation, George Hotz, the CEO of Comma.ai, dissolved his company. With little left to lose, he then decided to release the code. Now, the only thing stopping you from getting your self-driving car project up and running is data. Lucky for you, Udacity, which has a self-driving car project of its own, has opened all its training data to the public. Watch this space...

Netflix now allows downloading from iOS and Android.
Netflix now allows downloading from iOS and Android. (TRT World and Agencies)
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