Rasmus Paludan, who leads the far-right Danish anti-immigration party, put the holy book on the floor in a Muslim neighbourhood and burned it.

This is not the first time Paludan burned a copy of the holy Quran.
This is not the first time Paludan burned a copy of the holy Quran. (TRTWorld)

The Danish leader of the far-right Stram Kurs party has burned a copy of the holy Quran in a heavily-populated Muslim area in Sweden.

Rasmus Paludan, accompanied by police, went to an open public space in southern Linkoping on Thursday and placed the Muslim holy book down and burned it while ignoring protests from onlookers.

About 200 demonstrators gathered in the square to protest.

The group urged police not to allow the racist leader to carry out his action.

After the police ignored the calls, incidents broke out and the group closed the road to traffic, pelting stones at police.

Banned from entering Sweden, Germany

Similar anti-Muslim actions have been committed earlier by Danish far-right racist groups.

Paludan also burned the Quran in 2019, wrapping the Muslim holy book in bacon and tossed it in the air.

In September 2020, Paludan was banned from entering Sweden for two years.

Later in October, he was prevented from entering Germany for some time after the controversial anti-Muslim politician announced plans to hold a provocative demonstration in Berlin.

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Anti-Muslim sentiments in Sweden

Turkish-born politician Mikail Yuksel, who founded the Party of Different Colors in Sweden, said the "Islamophobic" provocations of the racist anti-Muslim politician under police protection continue in cities across Sweden.

Yuksel said Paludan particularly chooses neighbourhoods that are heavily populated by Muslims and places near mosques for provocations.

"In Sweden, which defends human rights, freedom of religion and conscience with the highest pitch, the Quran is burned in the neighbourhoods of Muslims under the protection of the police."

He added that police also call for Muslims to exercise common sense as their holy books are being burned right before their eyes.

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Source: AA