The EU's law-making body again calls for sanctions against "destabilising actors" in Bosnia and Herzegovina, placing emphasis on Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik.

Dodik is the Serb member of the country's tripartite presidency.
Dodik is the Serb member of the country's tripartite presidency. (AA Archive)

The European Parliament has called for the introduction of sanctions against Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik.

“The EP reiterates its call for the adoption of targeted sanctions against destabilising actors in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BH),” said a resolution adopted by the European Parliament on Wednesday.

"Including those who threaten its sovereignty and territorial integrity, especially Milorad Dodik," it added.

The resolution was adopted with 407 votes in favour, 92 against, and 142 abstentions.

It also expressed concern about the timing, content and manner of changes to Bosnia's electoral law and the constitution, which were initiated by the high representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina on election day.

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Threat to stability of region

Bosnia Serbs have been pushing for creating their own tax collection system, judiciary and even the armed forces which have been run centrally so far.

The US last year accused Dodik of “corrupt activities” that threaten to destabilise the region and undermine a US-brokered peace accord from more than 25 years ago.

The Dayton Peace Accord ended Bosnia’s war, which killed more than 100,000 people and left millions homeless in the worst carnage in Europe since World War II. 

The accord established two separate governing entities in Bosnia — one run by Bosnia’s Serbs and the other dominated by the country’s Bosniaks and Croats.

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Source: AA