German authorities say a federal prosecutor's investigation will be opened if Naki's criminal organisation is found to have a connection with the PKK terror group.

Deniz Naki is seen in this undated file photo.
Deniz Naki is seen in this undated file photo. (AA)

German-born footballer Deniz Naki has been arrested for allegedly running a criminal organisation in the German city of Aachen.

Aachen Prosecutor's Office spokesperson Jan Balthasar confirmed that two people were arrested for establishing a criminal organisation and both are PKK terror group sympathisers, according to Welt newspaper.

German state police suspect the criminal organisation is involved in extortion and drug trafficking as well as providing funding to PKK.

However, Balthasar said, "We cannot currently confirm that financial resources are provided specifically for the PKK. If the PKK connection is found, the Federal Prosecutor's Office will look into the event."

Born in Germany, Naki, who is Kurdish, has previously played for Germany's FC St Pauli and SC Paderborn before joining the Amed Sportive Activities Club in Turkey.

He was sentenced in absentia in Turkey three years ago for supporting PKK with "separatist and ideological propaganda."

Turkey's Football Federation (TFF) has also issued a lifetime ban against him playing football in Turkey.

Source: AA