If these AI bots take a trip to Mars, they'll be able to talk about the weather.

Ready to save Mars!
Ready to save Mars! (TRT World and Agencies)

AI bots are talking to each other in their own language

Another big achievement has been made by AI. In a test environment created by researchers from OpenAI, AI bots were tasked with completing a simple mission (see video). In order to successfully finish it, they were encouraged to communicate with each other. So they did. A language they created helped them to organise and move in coordination and cooperation. Some of the phrases they invented correspond to our "go to" and "look at."

The method used in this research is different from popular AI methods. Normally, researchers feed a lot of data into the system. After training is complete, the system is able to recognise a simple pattern. Here the method used was called reinforcement learning. The AI bots had to find their way by trial and error without much receiving much data. Given how difficult language and communicating can be, this is a big step towards domination by artificial intelligence.

Northeastern University is helping NASA with their Mars robot

Northeastern has been given the job of getting NASA's robot Valkyrie ready for future Mars missions. Both MIT and Northeastern have received funds, with $250,000 from NASA and some tech support. TechCrunch made a nice video about Valkryie's condition. Remembering how Matt Damon survived in "The Martian," it will be interesting to see a clumsy robot doing the same thing.

New NASA law doesn't make Elon Musk happy

Sir, may I have a better NASA bill please?
Sir, may I have a better NASA bill please? (TRT World and Agencies)

The NASA act President Trump recently signed was supposed to fill Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX, with joy, given it authorised some changes to the United States space programme. The programme is setting the funding level at $19.5 billion and allows NASA to draft plans that could get us to Mars. But Elon Musk is not satisfied. Responding to a question asked by Kara Swisher from Recode, Musk said nothing will change as a result. SAD! However, he's hopeful that in the future a new bill might make a difference. I wouldn't hold my breath.

Source: TRTWorld and agencies