Beyond the reach of TV news reports, this film draws a portrait of Gazans trying to lead meaningful lives amidst perennial conflict.

[NOTE: Gaza Part I, available until June 8, 2022.]

[NOTE: Gaza Part II, available until June 14, 2022.]

Directors’ Statement

By Garry Keane and Andrew McConnell

There are few places in the world that evoke such a strong visceral response as Gaza. It is somewhere that seems immediately familiar, known throughout the world from news flashes beamed onto our TV screens. Yet in truth we know almost nothing about this tiny strip of land on the shores of the Mediterranean.

From the very beginning we wanted to address the disparity between perception and reality. Having spent years working on the ground, we knew that Gaza was so much more than its portrayal in the media. This unique and vibrant land, rich in culture and history, is home to a people who are oppressed and dehumanized but who are also resilient and strong, and who want nothing more than to live normal lives.

How do you tell the story of such a place? We thought about finding single stories, which in their telling would encapsulate the essence of what it is like to live in Gaza. But we decided that there are too many stories to tell and to take that approach would limit our ability to reflect the unique collective spirit of almost two million people, doing their best under the most extreme circumstances imaginable.

Through a cast of major and minor characters, we meet Palestinians from all walks of life, who individually have a strong story to tell but who together, create a portrait of Gaza like no other.

This is Gaza as you have never seen it before. Far from being a place of misery, it is a land of smiles, joy and even brief moments of hope. We weave these elements with threads of despair, frustration and fatigue, allowing the audience to look deeper and ultimately to understand that life in Gaza moves in cycles, with the weight of the past bearing down on any hope for the future.

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