Mohammed Qutaish, who is 15 and a Syrian refugee, has a vision of a post-war Aleppo with restored buildings and improved facilities. A vision he is capturing in an architectural model of sorts.

Mohammed Qutaish works on a cardboard and paper model of the city of Aleppo.
Mohammed Qutaish works on a cardboard and paper model of the city of Aleppo. (TRT World and Agencies)

Mohammed Qutaish will take you on a tour of Aleppo, peppering it with anecdotes and pointing out his favourite places.

Except that 15-year-old Qutaish lives in Gaziantep in Turkey. And his Aleppo is a cardboard and paper model which he has built over the years from memory.

The Syrian war has destroyed homes and lives of many as Bashar al Assad's forces, Daesh militants and opposition factions fight for control.

The war has entered its seventh year and the city of Aleppo has been one of the key battlegrounds.

"As a child, I loved drawing and colouring, I used to draw all the time. As I grew my talent developed. And when the war started and conditions changed in Aleppo and Syria," Qutaish said.

"I was deeply affected by the events at home, with all the destruction and devastation. So I decided [...] it motivated me to build a future Aleppo, an Aleppo I dream of living in, and so started my project," the teenager added.

"You'll be taken on a tour through the city," Red Thread Media Creative Producer and Future Aleppo co-creator Alex Pearson said.

"You'll get to hear about some of his favourite buildings, the stories that inspired him to recreate them as models, but also his own personal relationships and also how he plans to sort of not necessarily improve, but to restore them and actually make the city even better than it was before."

TRT World's Chelsea Carter reports.

Source: TRTWorld and agencies