It took several months of fighting for Libyan militias to retake the city of Sirte from Daesh. But the historic city is now devastated and only a portion of its former residents have managed to return.

Damaged buildings in Sirte, Libya. March 6, 2018.
Damaged buildings in Sirte, Libya. March 6, 2018. (TRTWorld)

The battle to retake the Libyan city of Sirte over a year ago tore the city apart.  

Sirte was once the home of its longtime ruler Muammar Gaddafi. His killing in 2011 unleashed years of conflict. 

Sirte was left in ruins after the battle in December 2016, when Libyan militias recaptured it from Daesh after seven months of fierce fighting. 

Those who slowly return to a place they once called home are struggling, with the infrastructure destroyed and the service sector in shambles.

TRT World's Rahul Radhakrishnan reports. 

Source: TRT World