Algeria's youth, denied freedom of speech, have taken to graffiti and street art to express themselves. Here's what they're saying.

Faced with political repression and the absence of freedom of speech, Algeria's youth have taken to street art to express their frustration with the endemic corruption and economic mismanagement the country faces. 

As protests rage across the country, there is no way to predict what comes next.

One thing is for certain, and that is the popular protests exploding throughout the struggling North African country are rooted in a deeper frustration with the Algerian regime, and the necessity of burying their dreams in the dust of reality of life under autocratic rule.

"If we had freedom of expression in Algeria, we wouldn't write on walls." Elhamiz, Algeirs. November 2018. @la3moum (TRTWorld)
"Algeria and Palestine Forever." - Oran, Algeria. @boumenearyo (Yasmine Boumenir / TRTWorld)
"If the people rise, the game is over." El-Kindy High School, Jijel. February 2019. @heisenberg_098 (TRTWorld)
"It's okay if you defeated us here. We'll meet on the day of judgement." - Draa ben kheda, Tizi Ouzou. February 2019. @fetaeo (TRTWorld)
"To those who remind us of the black decade, we remind them of the stolen billions, corrupt projects, and missing morals." Bouira, Algeria. February 2019. @moumen_msk_ (TRTWorld)
"Military service is for the poor. The public fund is for the ministers." Bourj Bou Aririj, Algeria. November 2018. @ne_foula (TRTWorld)
"I'm sorry my country ... but the boat calls." - Ain Benian, Alger. February 2019. @mali_ka_mal (TRTWorld)
"The people are resilient, faced with a morally and physically paralysed government." Chelghoum laid, Mila. February 2019. @moumen_msk_ (TRTWorld)
"We studied under you, crazy ones. Don't be surprised we turned out like this. #Notothefifthterm" Tixeraine, Algiers. February 2019. @rayanoulmi (TRTWorld)
"We now know who is the shepherd and who is the wolf. If the people wake up the demons fall." Belle Vue, Elharach, Algiers. March 2019. @arslane.bendjiii (TRTWorld)
"If you are a great people, vote for yourself at a crucial moment. " Meissonier, Algiers. March 2019. @krez_1 (TRTWorld)
"In my own land, they wronged me." - Bab ezzouar, Algiers. February 2019. (TRTWorld)
Source: TRT World