The lives of three men in Calgary, Canada are torn apart by the violent actions of police officers and a justice system that fails to hold them accountable.

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In the midst of a global uprising against police brutality and systemic racism, "No Visible Trauma" examines a deeply troubled police department and reveals the devastating consequences of unchecked police brutality. Despite its relatively low crime rates, recent years have seen the Calgary Police Service shoot and kill more people than officers in any other Canadian city, and more than either the New York or Chicago police departments in 2018.

Five years in the making, the film unravels the intertwined stories of three individuals who were the victims of extreme violence at the hands of police officers. From the kidnapping and beating of a young immigrant from Ghana, to the fatal shooting of an unarmed man during a “wellness check”, the film exposes a criminal justice system that fails to hold police officers accountable for their actions.

Directors' Statement

By Marc Serpa Francoeur and Robinder Uppal

This is not the film we would have liked to make about Calgary, the city where we were born and raised. Throughout the five years spent working on this film, we’ve been profoundly disturbed by the violence and dysfunction of the Calgary Police Service, and the devastating impacts on the victims and their families of a justice system that refuses to hold police officers to account for their actions. It’s clear that many of the underlying problems exposed in the film are echoed in jurisdictions across Canada and around the world, and we believe that the time has come to address the pervasive, systemic dysfunction that we see epitomized in Calgary.

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Source: TRT World