The process of securing a Covid-19 vaccine appointment is no different for foreigners with residency permits, than it is for Turkish citizens.

Turkey launched its Covid-19 vaccination campaign on January 14, and at least 8.2 million people have received their first jabs. 6.4 million people have received both doses.

But how about foreigners who reside in Turkey? 

Eligibility to receive a vaccine depends on the residency status of foreigners living in the country. Anyone holding a residency card can be given a shot by going through the same process as Turkish citizens. How they navigate the system is no different than Turkish nationals who are prioritised as per age group. 

According to the Turkish Health Ministry's calendar, health care staff and students, people over the age of 65, the disabled and adults who work in nursing homes, were vaccinated by February 24.

The second category includes people between 50 and 64, as well as essential workers and those with at least one chronic disease. Employees of defence, interior, and justice ministries, and people working in critical positions such as prisons, transportation and security, fall within this second category. 

Journalists, including foreign media staff who hold a yellow press card and are accredited to enter the Presidency and Turkish Grand National Assembly, can also get a vaccination appointment.

People who have at least one chronic disease and under the age of 50, young adults, employees of sectors and professions which do not fall under the first two categories, will be vaccinated in a group that makes up the third stage.

People who did not receive the vaccination, despite being eligible, can still organise an appointment for their inoculation after the three stages are completed.

Here’s a visual guideline of how to get a vaccine appointment through e-Nabiz, an app that eligible residents and health professionals can use for health data updates.

Source: TRT World